In Croatia, Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA) organised and also participated during January and February 2024 as external lecturer at several events organised by local governments connected to energy renovation of family houses.

The events were organised in order to inform citizens about the upcoming national call for energy renovation of family houses, as well as the conditions and criteria for obtaining co-financing according to the call. One public forum was organized by MENEA in January 2024, while the other two were organized by Municipalities of Sveta Marija and Gornji Mihaljevec on February 1st and 20th who initiated the organization due to high interest of their citizens in energy renovation of their homes.

During these events experts from MENEA informed the interested citizens on benefits of energy renovation in the spirit of the upcoming call for energy renovation of family houses under the national Programme for energy renovation of family houses, which is expected to be published on March 13th, 2024 by national Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (Fund). This public call, for which a record 120 million euros are available, is intended for citizens who are owners or co-owners of family houses in which they have registered residence. The aim of the Programme for energy renovation of family houses, through which the renovation of over 25 thousand family houses has already been co-financed, and which the Fund implements in cooperation with the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, is to promote energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources in households.

It is a known fact that citizens are a risk group that can hardly adapt to energy transition process without the support of expert organizations, and organizing such events raises awareness and educates citizens about the possibilities and advantages of energy renovation and how to perform such investments. With this in line MENEA has been providing systematic support to citizens in the Medjimurje region (Croatia) in the application and implementation of energy renovation projects for many years and will continue to do so in order to help citizens improve their living conditions and recognize their role in achieving climate neutrality.