A great chance to reduce air pollution level and increase the green energy production is represented by a system of old mines in South-West of Poland. Studies from the Polish Ministry of science and Higher Education shows that a possible solution would foresee, after years of extraction, to convert the mine in a big reserve of water that, thanks to the depth of the tunnels, may guarantee a new geothermal energy supply for the nearest town. An estimated production of 10GWh by the geothermal energy in addition to other 2GWh by the water flowing would lead inevitably to a reduction of CO2 emissions in the surrounding area.

The implementation method would be preceded by the study of some technical characteristics like pH value, water temperature and conductivity. Only after will be possible to connect a heat pump system, ideal for its high performance. Two shafts would be connected to an open-loop system which reinjection of water after the heat extraction. Initially water is pumped out from a borehole and circulate directly in a heat pump system in order to extract heat that can be distributed to a single house or for an entire district.

Some advantages may be obtained by this type of project; the improvement of small towns’ energy efficiency, a new life for old structures and strong sensibilization process for climate change and green energy production also in these rural and low-populated areas. In conclusion is possible to say that, even if geothermal energy production is not the highest resource in Poland, it could be used to improve a green energy production  and diversification of resources using these geothermal low—temperature systems.