For a low-carbon community in cee

Wiener Neustadt is 1 out of 10 Austrian „Pioneer cities”

Wiener Neustadt lies 50 kilometers south of Vienna and has approximately 50.000 inhabitants. Wiener Neustadt has diverse regional functions such as authority town, school town, transport hub, economic center, research and university location, etc.

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Innovative energy storage in Ochotnica Dolna municipality

The impact of this system is substantial, as it is poised to fulfill the daily energy requirements of 25 households in the locality.

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Medjimurje Energy Agency Promotes CEESEN Membership for Climate Action

Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. participated on 4th October 2023 in the 8th session of the collegium of mayors and municipality heads in Medjimurje county.

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At the Covenant of Mayors seminar in Liepāja, VPR shares its experience of CEESEN networking activities in Vidzeme.

On September 19, Vidzeme Planning Region energy efficiency expert Edgars Augustiņš took part in a seminar jointly organised by the Latvian Association of Local Governments, the municipality of Liepāja and the European Union Covenant of Mayors Office.

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Local authorities channel their opinion on energy and climate in the national legislative process informally

In CEESEU-DIGIT, where are 6 pilot regions, analyses of national regulatory framework was done. The respondents were local experts.

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Biowaste for sustainable buildings materials

Day after day we are overwhelmed by waste of every type and a big part of them have biological origins; they come from industries, farms or mineral sector and especially from the agricultural production and food consumption.

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