The Covenant of Mayors-Europe recently organized an insightful webinar focused on addressing the unique challenges faced by small and rural municipalities in developing and implementing Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs). Co-organized with the CEESEU project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, the online event attracted more than 63 participants from diverse backgrounds, including local authorities, regional governments, energy agencies, NGOs, and academia.

The webinar aimed to raise awareness about the importance of tailored approaches and targeted support for these municipalities, which often encounter specific obstacles in their transition to cleaner energy sources.

The discussions during the webinar revolved around the key ingredients necessary for the successful implementation of SECAPs in small and rural municipalities. Participants explored various strategies, including energy efficiency measures, renewable energy integration, and community engagement. The exchange of ideas and experiences fostered a collaborative environment, enabling attendees to learn from one another and identify innovative solutions to common challenges.

For those who are curious and wish to delve deeper into the discussions and key takeaways from the webinar, a detailed article has been published here.


The following were the main AGENDA items:

  • Role of local governments towards energy transition and resilient systems | DG CLIMA, Katerina Fortun
  • Smart Cities Marketplace opportunities for SECAP implementation | DG ENER, Georg Houben
  • Rural Pact support for the EU’s rural areas | DG AGRI, Silvia Nanni
  • Central and Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network | University of Tartu, Elis Vollmer
  • Joint SECAP Mount Vesuvius area, Italy | Joint Office for Environmental Sustainability (UCSA), Luigi Acquaviva
  • Gabrovo SECAP 2030, Bulgaria | Municipality of Gabrovo, Tanya Hristova


If you are curious about further details, please have a look at:

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