written by Mazovia Energy Agency (Poland)

Wind conditions for Energy purposes in Poland are defined as medium but high enough to provide potencially efficient source of renewable energy. For the whole country, average annual wind speeds range from 2.6 m/s to 3.8 m/s. Poland has the potential to build off-shore wind farms with a capacity of 3 GW by 2025 and 6 GW by 2030. Implementation of off-shore investments in Polish sea areas may add value to the Polish economy in the amount of over 81 billion PLN by 2030 and create a total nearly 25 thousand new workplaces. When it comes to big investments, we have heard about one in Poland lately. Let’s talk about a Budzyń windfarm.

In Budzyń, a city located in western Poland, a new wind farm has been realized by the fourth largest wind energy company in the world, named EDP Renewables. The new wind turbines complex, with its 35 structures can cover the demand of 85  000 people with a total capacity of 70 MW. It is a great result not only for the region but also for the entire state of Poland.

The farm is located in the fields between three cities: Wyszyny, Bukowiec and Sokołów Budzyński. The Budzyń wind farm can provide energy with the CO2 emissions of 215 000 ton per year.

In the age of energy crisis in Poland that investment could not be better. This wind farm will contribute to lower energy prices, create new workplaces, contribute to the development of infrastructure and result in tax revenues for local authorities and communities.

The city mayor said that as a country we are facing a harsh winter, perhaps we are facing a lack of electricity during the winter. This investment, like no other fits perfectly into the energy balance of our country. In turn, it will be a source of constant budgetary income for our commune in the future.

He also estimates that the commune budget will receive 3-4 million PLN annually thanks to the construction of the farm.

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