Mazovia Energy Agency Ltd. (MAE) is a regional energy agency established in 2009 by the Mazovia Voivodeship under the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.

The main objectives of MAE strategy are: to promote the use of RES, to encourage the regional approach towards sustainable energy solutions and to increase the regional energy efficiency across a wide range of sectors and to promote innovative financing for the sector. The Agency contributes to the development, implementation and monitoring of regional energy policies and strategies, coordinates energy activities and supports also local stakeholders in climate actions.

MAE headquarters is located in Warsaw – centre part of the Mazovia Region and the country – which facilitates cooperation with partners from smaller municipalities, rural areas and bigger entities in the metropolitan area, as well. Furthermore, MAE has long record and vast experiences in international cooperation, implementing projects and participating in international networks and programmes.

MAE team constitutes 16 experienced individuals who on their daily basis work with regional and local authorities, share their expertise and advice in the energy & climate sector.