2.554 (2020)
105 km2
2020: 49.493t
2030: 21.787t

Korczew is a rural municipality located in Siedlecki County, Mazovian Voivoidship, upon the Bug River.

It is situated in the Bug River Valley, which is dominated by meadows and pastures with small forest complexes, as well as oxbow lakes and ponds. There are as well many areas of special natural values here: three nature reserves “Przekop”, “Dębniak” and “Kaliniak”, the Nadbużański Landscape Park, two Natura 2000 areas “Ostoja Nadbużańska” and “Dolina Dolnego Bugu”. as well as many ecological utilities and natural monuments. In addition, the municipality is located in the area of the so-called “Green Lungs of Poland”.

The municipality is a typically agricultural area, where the majority of the working population makes a living mainly from agriculture (cultivation of crops) or from work in small service and private businesses.

By joining the Covenant of Mayors, Korczew municipality has committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030, compared to the base year (2020). The planned activities in the municipality concerning emission reduction and adaptation to climate change should contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the municipality by more than 40% (21 787 Mg CO2/year) – this goal is expected to be reached.

Planned activities include: thermomodernisation of public buildings and replacement of heat sources in public, private and residential buildings, modernisation of street lighting, photovoltaic installations across the municipality, reconstruction, development and construction of a water treatment plant, purchase of cars and equipment for the fire brigade, purchase of a car for the police in Mordy, installation of a weather station, creation of two cross-border canoe routes on the Bug River, reconstruction of roads and infrastructure, promotion of good energy saving habits and ecological behaviors among the municipality’s citizens.

The improvement of energy efficiency in the residential sector will contribute most to the reduction of CO2 emissions across the municipality. The estimated reduction through replacement of heat sources in this sector is 10 116 Mg CO2/year. Photovoltaic installations installed on both public buildings, individual owners will increase the share of green electricity by 3 850 MWh/year.

The SECAP was created by MAE and supported by CEESEU project.

The entire document is available on the link below in Polish language.

SECAP – Korczew, Poland

The SECAP was implemented with the support of the CEESEU project. The CEESEU project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement GA: 892270.
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