4.375 (2020)
149,27 km2
2020: 123.930t
2030: 74.132t

Jabłonna Lacka is a rural municipality located in the Sokołowski County, in Mazovian Voivoidship, upon the Bug River. The municipality is located in the so called “Green Lungs of Poland” due to its geographic location in the Nadbużański Landscape Park buffer zone and areas with special natural values: nature reserves “Skarpa” and “Wydma Mołożewska” and two Natura 2000 areas.

The municipality has a typically agricultural character, with the majority of the working population making their living mainly from agriculture (cultivation of cereals, dairy farming, pig and poultry breeding and milk production).

By joining the Covenant of Mayors, the municipality of Jabłonna Lacka committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030, compared to the baseline year (2020). The planned activities in the municipality concerning emission reduction and adaptation to climate change should contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the municipality by more than 40% (49 798 Mg CO2/year) – this goal is likely to be achieved.

The planned actions cover: thermomodernisation of multiple schools in Jabłonna Lacka municipality, private and residential buildings, modernisation of water treatment station in Bujały-Mikosze, modernisation of sewage treatment plant in Stara Jabłonna, modernisation of the Volunteer Fire Station in Jabłonna Lacka and residential buildings, replacement of heat sources in public, private and residential buildings, thermomodernisation and reconstruction of the municipal office building, establishment of photovoltaic installations in the municipality, construction of a bridge over the Bug River and roads, construction of a Community Sports and Recreation Centre, construction of a village day-care centre in Morszków, purchase of cars and equipment for the fire brigade, promotion of good energy saving habits and ecological behaviors among the municipality’s citizens.

The SECAP was created by MAE and supported by CEESEU project.

The entire document is available on the link below in Polish language.

SECAP – Jabłonna Lacka, Poland

The SECAP was implemented with the support of the CEESEU project. The CEESEU project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement GA: 892270.
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