Final Energy in the CEE regions per sector

The analysis of the final energy consumption of selected CEE regions showed that the household sector presents the largest energy consuming sector with 30-50 % of the regions final energy consumption. The transport sector makes a close second place with 15-40 %. The remaining sectors give a strong indication of the local economic activities.

In direct comparison with EU-28 and CEE average, the industry and service sectors are the sectors with largest variation in the surveyed regions. The analysis shows these regions need to identify individual key areas and possible leverage points for effectively addressing energy consumption on regional level. Even if the energy statistics show a high energy demand of the industry sector, strategies might differ depending on average company size, types of product, manufacturing techniques, ownership (public or private), etc. A more thorough analysis of the sectors industry and services is needed before a line of action can be devised.



The full report on Energy Efficiency Situation of Central and Eastern European Regions can be downloaded here: