For most of the analysed regions the households present the largest energy consuming sector with 30-50 % of the regions final energy consumption. The transport sector makes a close second place with 15-40 %.


The energy consumption of the service and industry sector highly depends on the characteristics of the region. E.g. energy consumption of the industry sector ranges from more than 40 % in Hungarian regions Borsad-Abaúj-Zemplén & Heves to only a view percentage point in the Macedonia Northeast Planning Region, see next page. In direct comparison with EU-28 and CEE average, the industry and service sectors are the sectors with largest variation in the surveyed regions. It was observed (see following page) that when these two sectors are rather insignificant for the region, final energy consumption of the residential sector carries more weight, as can be observed for Ignalina Nuclear PP region (LT) and Northeast Planning Region (MK).


The full report on Energy Efficiency Situation of Central and Eastern European Regions can be downloaded here: