Regional Energy Profile for Mazovia Region

The document created for the PANEL 2050 project financed from the Horizon 2020 program presents a regional energy profile for the Mazovia voivodship.


The present Regional Energy Profile was prepared in order to get a better understanding of the energy-related status quo in the region of Podravje, analysing strengths and challenges with regard to the transition towards a low carbon community.

This energy profile constitutes the groundwork for the preparation of a Regional Energy Roadmap and related Action Plans and will be essential for the communication with regional stakeholders.

Advocating for Sustainable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe

The aim of current guidebook is to provide guidance on how organisations can develop efficient energy advocacy activities, including stakeholder engagement, roadmapping, marketing and communications, fundraising and policy analysis. These skills will empower and enhance the co-operation in the sustainable energy sector. Finding a path towards sustainable development will require the pooling of diverse perspectives, knowledge and resources. The purpose of this handbook is to be a practical guide targeted for Central and Eastern European countries. The hope is that a wide spectrum of users can take it up and adapt the content to their own circumstances.

Tool for developing a Regional Energy Profile

This Excel tool presents a methodology for devising a Regional Energy Profile - an energy baseline on regional/local level - and offers a standardised presentation of the results.