Vidzeme is the territorially largest of the five planning regions in Latvia, occupying 23.6 % of the country’s territory. The Vidzeme Planning Region is the „greenest” region in Latvia, if the main criteria is the use of the renewable energy resources in the production of heat and electricity. In Vidzeme in incineration facilities (boiler houses, industry and other sectors) 75% of wood is used. In most cases it is firewood, chip, pellets and wood processing waste. The great proportion of the renewable energy sources (RES) in the Vidzeme Planning Region can be explained by the fact that 55,8% of the region is covered by forests and there care enough raw materials for wood. The leading energy resources available in Latvia and Vidzeme are biomass, hydropower, solar energy wind energy and geothermal energy.

Taking into account the needs, resources and potential of the Vidzeme inhabitants, Vidzeme Planning Region has set a goal in the Development programme 2015-2030 to improve the management of energy issues as well as to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy by 2020.

The present Regional Energy Profile was prepared in order to get a better understanding of the energy-related status quo in the Vidzeme Planning Region, analysing strengths and challenges with regard to the transition towards a low carbon community.

This energy profile constitutes the groundwork for the preparation of a Regional Energy Roadmap and related Action Plans and will be essential for the communication with regional stakeholders.

REGIONAL ENERGY PROFILE: Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia

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