TREA is proud to be a key partner in the CEESEN-BENDER project, a European initiative focused on addressing energy poverty and promoting sustainable energy practices. This project is supported by the LIFE Programme of the European Union, aiming to create a significant impact on energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Tartu’s Regional Energy Agency is a pioneering non-governmental organization based in Tartu, Estonia. With a steadfast commitment to supporting municipalities and apartment associations, TREA excels in providing comprehensive energy management solutions. As an active participant in international cooperation networks, TREA introduces the latest innovations in energy transition to the South-Estonian region.

Empowering Vulnerable Communities

While CEESEN-BENDER project specifically targets vulnerable homeowners and renters, offering tailored solutions to enhance their living conditions through energy-efficient renovations, TREA plays a crucial role in this project. By developing comprehensive renovation roadmaps for selected buildings TREA makes sure that these roadmaps include technical considerations, scopes of work, cost estimates, and strategies to minimize inconvenience for residents, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Leading the Charge with Expert Leadership

Under the leadership of Martin Kikas, TREA’s director and a certified technical expert in multi-apartment building renovation, TREA has established itself as a beacon of innovation and progress. Martin’s extensive experience in energy performance certification, policy development, and project management, including notable projects like SmartEnCity and RenoZeb, drives TREA’s initiatives forward.

Supporting Martin is a team of seasoned professionals, including Ülo Kask, thermal engineering expert with decades of research and development experience in renewable energy and sustainable development planning. Team also includes Kalle Virkus, a civil engineering specialist focused on energy efficiency in buildings and a certified technical expert in multi-apartment building renovation. And daily project coordination at CEESEN-BENDER is done by Marten Saareoks, an energy application engineer with expertise in smart building applications, renewable integration, and energy and climate planning.

Strategic Projects and Initiatives

TREA’s involvement in key European projects underscores its commitment to sustainable energy development. Notable projects include:

  • ENPOR (2020-2023): A project aimed at mitigating energy poverty in the private rented sector by enhancing visibility and addressing energy efficiency challenges.
  • RENOVERTY (2022-2025): Focused on developing renovation roadmaps for rural buildings to address energy poverty and facilitate reconstruction processes.
  • SmartEnCity (2016-2021): Raised awareness about energy efficiency and renewable solutions, particularly in Tartu.
  • REFURB (2015-2017): Aimed at removing barriers to energy renovation in the private housing sector, providing homeowners with compelling renovation offers.

In fact, TREA is a crucial partner in other CEESEN’s projects besides CEESEN-BENDER as well, such as CEESEU-DIGIT, CEESEU and PANEL2050.

Building Partnerships for Lasting Impact

TREA’s success is built on strong partnerships with local authorities, utility suppliers, private companies, and educational institutions. These collaborations foster a culture of innovation and sustainability, enabling TREA to craft and implement Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

Moreover, TREA’s collaboration with the Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations (EKYL) extends its reach, supporting apartment associations across Estonia. This partnership enhances TREA’s ability to influence energy policies and support local stakeholders in energy management and sustainability efforts.

The Future of Sustainable Energy with CEESEN-BENDER

As a CEESEN-BENDER partner, TREA is committed to empowering residents to adopt energy-efficient behaviors post-renovation. Through targeted training, community engagement campaigns, and advisory services, TREA ensures the long-term success of energy efficiency initiatives.

TREA’s partnership in the CEESEN-BENDER project highlights its dedication to driving sustainable energy practices and combating energy poverty. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, TREA is paving the way for a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future for all.

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