Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. and Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje, two of existing CEESEN members just started the implementation of the project dealing with energy poverty in Slovenian-Croatian cross border region. The project is called Challenges for preventing and combating energy poverty (I-PRODER) and its implementation started at the beginning of the April 2024 and will last until the end of March 2026. The implementation of the project is financed by Interreg Programme Slovenia – Croatia 2021-2027 which aim is to achieve a preserved, resilient, and connected cross-border region where sustainable development is recognized and used as a main tool in reaching economic viability, safety, biodiversity protection, and social well-being of all inhabitants.

Photo: Kick-off meeting in Čakovec, 12th of April 2024

The two of partnering agencies (partnered with two additional energy agencies who aren’t members of CEESEN) have many years of experience in the fight against energy poverty and their cooperation on this project seemed like the perfect opportunity to emphasize even more the importance of solving the energy poverty problem in the Slovenian-Croatian cross border region. The main goal of the project is to improve the knowledge and competences of different decision-makers and encourage their commitment to action in the direction of preventing and combating energy poverty in households based on the bottom-up principle. Interventions will be based on recommendations that will be defined through the implementation of a comparative analysis of the current situation as well as through conducted energy audits in 100 Croatian households, which is crucial for raising awareness among decision makers and general public. In addition to the energy audits, the audited households will receive the promotional package of products for the implementation of emergency measures (LED bulbs, economical aerators, thermostatic valves, reflective foils, etc.) in order to ensure certain savings in energy consumption and corresponding costs.

Photo: Example of energy saving kit for the household

Among other project activities, it is crucial to mention the creation of a comparative analysis of policies and instruments for the fight against energy poverty, the development of a technical assistance pilot model for the preparation of projects aimed at solving energy poverty for local governments and the creation of an action plan for preventing and mitigating energy poverty with recommendations for the entire SLO-CRO cross-border area. The document will serve as the foundation for collaboration and will define the work plan and a framework that will identify potential organizations for its implementation.

Given the fact that I-PRODER project primarily deals with energy poverty and its effects on the households, possible synergies with CEESEU-DIGIT have already been noticed. For more information about the project as well as all upcoming activities and events and their connection with those in the CEESEU-DIGIT project, follow the Facebook pages of Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. and Local Energy Agency of Spodnje Podravje.