In a strategic alliance aimed at addressing energy poverty, CEESEN-BENDER proudly announces its partnership with the esteemed Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje (LEASP). This collaboration marks a great milestone in the pursuit of advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption in the Podravje region and sharing the practices beyond the region, with whole Central and Eastern Europe.

Founded with the backing of the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme, LEASP has emerged as a pivotal player in energy management across more than 20 municipalities. Its diverse portfolio encompasses a spectrum of activities ranging from developing local energy concepts to conducting energy audits and implementing renewable energy solutions. LEASP has more than 10 years of experiences in the field of energy renovation, energy analysis, energy auditing in public and private sector as well in industry and training of experts and citizens.

In fact, experts from LEASP have contributed to several CEESEN projects while participating also in the CEESEU-DIGIT project and contributing as an as expert in CEESEN-BENDER project.

Contributing to solutions for tackling energy poverty and renovating Soviet-era buildings

From September 2023 to 2026, LEASP is one of the experts in the EU-funded CEESEN-BENDER project that empowers and supports vulnerable homeowners and renters living in Soviet-era multiapartment buildings in 5 CEE countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland, and Romania. The project will help them through the renovation process by identifying the main obstacles and creating trustworthy support services that include homeowners, their associations, and building managers.

With LEASP taking the lead on initiatives such as the development and implementation of building-level roadmaps and investment strategies, this partnership in the project will greatly help to tackle the energy poverty.

In the project, LEASP is focusing on creating roadmaps and support services for building energy renovations for vulnerable districts. 

The objectives of these activities is to:

  1. Develop 5 Pilot Area Roadmaps that enable the owners of large housing stocks or municipal/regional governments to strategically target energy poor buildings that would have the most impact by being renovated.
  2. Provide high quality, integrated counselling and support to all key stakeholders in the five targeted regions, including special needs or other vulnerable groups.
  3. Develop and implement building-level roadmaps that carry out all pre-requisite steps needed to be able to make energy efficient improvements in buildings with high levels of energy poverty.

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In CEESEN-BENDER, the LEASP is represented by the project manager Roman Kekec.

LEASP has previously also participated in other CEESEN-related projects (PANEL2050, CEESEU etc) and is currently also active partner in CEESEU-DIGIT project.

The mandate of the LEASP is enhancing the sustainable energy development in the region with the developing projects, studies, documents, and with helping the municipalities and investors to find the financial sources for projects and investments in energy sector, to control implementation (technical supervision) and to transfer sustainable energy technologies from universities, institutes, companies, especially from EU countries in order to find appropriate, sustainable and economically feasible measures to decrease energy consumption, to increase energy efficiency (in various sectors) and to implement renewable energy sources.

Together with CEESEN, LEASP stands for lasting impact, paving the way for a more resilient and sustainable energy landscape in the Podravje region and beyond.

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