On the 20th of March, 2024, the Central and Eastern European Sustainable Energy Network (CEESEN) held its annual meeting, a central gathering that brought together the partner members from across the region in a hybrid setup: physically in Zagreb and online. 

All founders and partners of the CEESEN network attended the meeting: the Estonian University of Life Sciences (with CEESEN’s President Elis Vollmer), the University of Tartu, ENVIROS, Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje, ConPlusUltra, Vidzeme Planning Region, WWF-HU, Tartu Regional Energy Agency, Society for Sustainable Development Design (DOOR), Mazovia Energy Cluster, Alba Local Energy Agency, and Medjimurje Energy Agency.

A blend of reflection and vision

The meeting was conducted by CEESEN’s President Elis Vollmer, who presented what the network has achieved in the last year and what it hopes to do this year as well as in the future. The meeting kicked off with a comprehensive summary of the activities and milestones achieved in 2023, coupled with a transparent financial overview. The forward-looking segment of the agenda laid out a roadmap for 2024, emphasizing collaboration, and adaptability.

A standout discussion on ‘CEESEN 2.0’ explored the organization’s evolving value proposition. The discussion focused on the network’s value offer and opportunities to upgrade it to stay responsive to stakeholder’s needs and dynamically adapt to the changing landscape of sustainable energy.

In conclusion, the participants of the meeting approved the necessary documentation that reflected on the network’s activity and financial numbers from the last year. They also offered valuable insights into the plans for 2024. These ideas were gathered and have been included in the network’s activity plan, where they will now be implemented one by one.