The newly formed Energetické družstvo Hnutí DUHA, first energy coopertative in Czechia, aims to revolutionize the renewable energy sector by collectively managing and developing renewable energy sources to meet the needs of its members. Launched in December 2023, the cooperative focuses on producing and sharing electricity through community energy, promoting good practices, and educating on sustainable energy use. Membership requires a minimum deposit of CZK 5,000 (€200) but the deposit could be higher.  Regardless of investment size, each member gets an equal say in cooperative decisions. Currently, the cooperative already has around 200 members. The cooperative is structured to empower its members through openness, environmental conservation, and ethical investment in modern energy solutions.

The first initiative is a photovoltaic system at the one organic farm in Czechia. Part of the produced energy will be consumed by the farm and the surplus will be sold on the market or, distributed among members, in line with new Czech legislation effective from July 2024. Future profits will be paid back to members based on their deposit size. 

Looking ahead, the cooperative plans to explore alternative energy projects, including wind, biomass cogeneration, and energy storage.

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Cover photo: Photo by Narcisa Aciko: