ENVIROS SRO is a consultancy company providing assistance and solutions mainly in the field of energy, environmental and business consultancy in the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe, and also other parts of the world. The company was founded in 1994 and employs over 35 permanent experts with wide range of experience in energy efficiency and environmental consultancy.
Since 2023 is ENVIROS a member of Komerční banka Group (Sociétée Générale Group) , one of the largest financial institutions in the Czech Republic.

ENVIROS has been involved in a wide range of areas of work, including:

  • Energy efficiency consulting: ENVIROS helps businesses and organizations to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs, and achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Environmental consulting: ENVIROS provides environmental impact assessments, environmental permitting, and other environmental services to businesses and organizations.
  • Business consulting: ENVIROS provides business consulting services to help businesses improve their performance, increase their profitability, and grow their business.

ENVIROS has a long history of working on international projects. The company has worked in over 20 countries and has been part of a range of profit as well as non-profit and research projects. Next to projects connected to the network CEESEN, other European research projects that ENVIROS has been involved in include:

  • EDUZWACE – an international Erasmus+ educational project on circular economy and waste minimization.
  • (DE)CONSTRUCT FOR CIRCULAR ECONOMY – the project deals with the issue of construction and demolition waste management at the municipal and regional levels and its reuse.
  • SECuRe – International Project to Support ESG Education. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of ESG and corporate sustainability, its application in companies and its reporting, support open education, innovation in digital practices and new learning methods

ENVIROS webpage: www.enviros.cz