Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (MENEA) is regional energy agency established in 2008 under the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe programme with the aim of promoting the idea of sustainable development in accordance with actual needs in Medjimurje county located in the northernmost part of Croatia. MENEA’s founder and sole owner is regional authority Medjimurje County.

Through the wide range of activities MENEA tries to satisfy informational, technical and supporting needs of public and private sector by the issues of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The main objective of MENEA is to provide high quality support for activities connected to rational energy use and renewable energy sources usage and with this in line MENEA promotes the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy usage (especially solar and geothermal energy) in individual houses, multi-apartment buildings, public and commercial buildings, etc. MENEA acts as an advisory institution and provides project management services related to energy renovation of buildings and installation of renewable energy sources, and is considered as intermediary between citizens, entrepreneurs and public authorities on the one side and designers, contractors, equipment suppliers and other parties on the other side.

MENEA’s team consist of 7 highly educated enthusiasts who are constantly searching for new ways to improve life standard in Medjimurje county and beyond. Their main concerns while implementing activities and projects are sustainable rural and urban development, especially in energy sector and in climate mitigation and adaptation related initiatives.