PROTECT brings together a community of procurers and other practitioners from public authorities and provide them with key information and knowledge about innovation procurement approaches for climate change services based on Earth Observation (EO) data.

Why joining the PROTECT Community?

By taking part in the PROTECT Community you will be prepared, equipped and ready to tackle the climate change risks and challenges your organisation face and to participate in the co-design and development of innovative climate change services targeted to your needs through Pre-Commercial Procurement.

PROTECT’s mission is to prepare you and have you strategically positioned for undertaking a future Pre-Commercial Procurement fully funded by the European Commission and expected to be launched in 2024 with a funding amount of up to EUR 19 million(HORIZON-CL6-2024-GOVERNANCE-01-5: Customisation/pre-operationalisation of prototypes end-user services in the area Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation).

In this frame, the PROTECT consortium is looking for public authorities willing to join the PROTECT community and interested in receiving technical assistance and awareness-raising and capacity building activities on the topics of Innovation Procurement, Earth Observation and Climate change adaptation and mitigation among others. This assistance will be provided free-of-charge and most activities will be delivered through a dedicated community platform that will be operational as of January 2023.

But, concretely what’s in for you in the PROTECT community?

  • You will be prepared to undertake joint, cross border or coordinated procurements in the future
  • You will be the first to become engaged and consulted about the challenges you face and your needs for EO-based climate change services
  • You will receive assistance in defining and aggregating clear and realistic needs for climate change services in 5 domains (Energy and Utilities, Marine and Coastal environments, Sustainable urban communities, Agriculture, Forestry and land use, and Civil security and Protection)
  • You will get insights into climate services market existing and future solutions and technologies
  • You will receive tailored training webinars, and fresh, relevant and continuous knowledge and information about trends and policies related to innovation procurement, climate change services and Earth Observation
  • You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, tools, tips, and good practices with peers from other regions in Europe
  • You will have the opportunity to apply for on-demand technical assistance and consulting activities from a pool of thematic experts to public authorities willing to go a step further in understanding the potential of EO applications to climate action
  • Ultimately, you will strategically be positioned for undertaking the upcoming pre-commercial procurement

What do you need to do to join the PROTECT Community?

 It’s very easy! Fill in the contact form below and get access to all FREE BENEFITS.