The 2022 was the year of the first production for the 50,000 m2 in Gdańsk. With a cost over 185 million EUR, this factory wants to be the largest in European energy storage solutions. Realized by the Northvolt agency, this structure can produce, in its first period of life, an output around 5 GWh with a potential capacity of 12 GWh after an initial period of growth. Its realization will also bring the build of a totally new R&D engineering center creating approximately 500 new jobs in the Gdańsk Voivodship. This project will help not only the region but the entire energy community of Poland to improve its carbon footprint, and its dependence from fossils fuels mostly imported.

The main problem of this ambitious project is the difficult capacity of industry to integrate the produced storage cells in some real-world applications. Exceeding this problem would open a new option in the field of energy storage methods, helping with the implementation of these types of factories with the consequent improvement of energy efficiency and creation of new jobs in of the energy renovation and decarbonization reduction areas.

The realization of a sophisticated energy storage systems which can support the energy transition process, especially in the electricity grid industry, is the main intention of the Northvolt industry in order to become a European leader of the battery storage sector and also in other storage methods. It is more than necessary to pay attention to all the effects within the society to involve the population in the energy renovation and energy efficiency process through enhancing more interest so new job opportunities can be created.