In Budzyń, a city located in western Poland, a new wind farm has been realized by the fourth largest wind energy company in the world, named EDP Renewables. The new wind turbines complex, with its 35 structures can cover the demand of 85,000 people with a total capacity of 70 MW; a great result not only for the region but also for the entire state of Poland, helped by the project on reach a goal of energy independence and carrying out proper energy transition process.

This project implements two other great projects; the Margonin Wind Farm (with a production capacity of 120 MW) and the Pawłowo-Gołończ Wind Farm (that produce 80 MW). The total capacity of these three projects, which is about 270 MW, can give a great contribution for the sustainable energy development of western Poland where the last project realized, previously described, has a production that correspond to save over 215,000 tons of CO2 every year.

The development of these renewable projects, and also that of other types, might bring a great impact not only in the clean energy transition process, in order to reach the national and European goals, but also for the creation of new long-term jobs, the awareness of citizens about the renewable energy resources and the reduction of carbon footprints. Another important advantage, generated by the development of these types of projects and the diversification of green energy resources is represented by the following reduction of energy costs for final consumers, which is always the main interest of citizens.