Nowadays the offshore wind plants are covering the 20% of the Poland electricity production with the intention of increasing the number of wind turbines in order to reach the goals of a zero emission energy production and the development of the decarbonisation process. The companies that manage these power plants must use a bilateral contract under which they will cover the gap between the market price of energy and the price enabling producer to cover costs of production energy at sea. The negative balance, as it is called by greenPower, will be able to satisfy the demand with 5.9 GW of energy production starting from 2030 and improving the capacity of the plants with two intervention in the following years that will give others 5 GW. An important role is played by the promotion of these projects inside the society in order to obtain the support of citizens.

Another important project has been developed by the TAURON group whit the realization of their 10th  wind farm, this time built in the Piotrków Municipality, and capable of cover the needs of 35,000 people whit its 15 turbines, each one can produce 2 MW. This project will take place in the Łodż Voivodship with an expected production of 90.1 GWh/year. The TAURON Company is now leading the wind energy production in Poland (onshore) with 182 turbines for a total annual production of 410 MW (estimated) and the perspective to reach the goal of 1100 MW within the 2025.

Thanks to these type of projects it’s possible to improve the growth of green energy production in Poland following the objective of the European Green Deal.