Accelerating the transition of Croatian companies and SMEs towards a sustainable growth model is one of the ambitious objectives of the local governments located in Medjimurje County (Croatia), as they face various barriers that deter energy efficiency and RES measures. Energy transition of business sector was one of the main topics of the largest regional event organized on 25th of November 2022 in Town of Prelog (Croatia) called „Economic Forum of the Town of Prelog 2022“.

Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. (CEESEU project partner) due to its long and good cooperation with Town of Prelog officials attended the event and used this opportunity to present the CEESEU project, its activities and expected results. Although the event was mainly intended for participants from business sector, it was attended also by national, regional and local policy makers who are supporting the whole process of energy transition of local companies and SMEs, provide relevant policies to foster their involvement and funding opportunities for launching energy efficiency and RES projects. Accordingly, this was a great opportunity to further connect with relevant national, regional and local policy makers on the topic of energy and climate planning at local level.

As part of the event, Medjimurje Energy Agency Ltd. arranged its own information desk and provided the opportunity for interested participants to get more information about the project and its results. In addition to that, the director of the Agency, Mr. Višnjić attended the panel interview “Energy security” together with several energy experts and gave his insights on the whole concept of energy transition and what efforts are needed from local and regional governments and local companies and SMEs to support the whole process in the long run.