The past 2021 was very effective in terms of the development of the renewable energy sources in Poland. A great energy transformation is coming, it means giving up from conventional energy sources, which creates opportunities for fast development of renewable energy technologies. However, the last quarter of the year was focused on turbulences on the global energy market and significant increases in the prices of electricity, gas and oil. Therefore, the development of renewable energy sources in Poland must significantly increase in strength to avoid further increases in electricity prices.

The past year was very successful for the development of offshore wind energy in Poland. The first offshore act was created, which gives the opportunity to develop huge investments in the Baltic Sea with a total capacity of 11 GW. They are to contribute to the achievement of the declared climate neutrality by Poland in the future and help reduce the risk of power shortages.

What is more, in past months auctions were held for the sale of electricity from renewable energy sources, including wind energy. Their results showed that wind technology is still one of the most advantageous, with a price of approximately 250 PLN/MWh, compared to the current prices of energy from other sources. The market position of wind energy is also reflected in the large number of bids submitted for other technologies. Due to the good results, the European Commission has agreed to extend the support system for RES energy producers until 2027, which will allow for further auctions in the future and will ensure safe and predictable conditions for the development of the industry.

When it comes to photovoltaics in Poland, despite the slowdown in the micro-installation market, photovoltaics will continue to develop well and in 2022 it may reach 9-10 GW, and by 2030 even 27 GW. The upward trend of the total installed capacity in Poland will be maintained through changes in the structure of newly built photovoltaic systems. PV farms will play an increasingly important role in the Polish photovoltaic mix. According to the forecast, at the turn of 2023-2024, the installed capacity will be equal to the prosumer capacity.


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