Valmiera city (Vidzeme region, Latvia) is committed to its moto – Evergreen city! Since the end of 2020 Valmiera’s streets have welcomed nine new diesel-electric hybrid buses with the tenth coming in 2022. Hybrid buses, painted in Gauja river golden sand color, use the produced energy to drive the electric motor, which allows to drive for a certain time with the engine switched off. This saves up to 30 percent fuel, as shown by test drives, as well as reduces emissions. The decision to choose hybrid buses was made by evaluating the route network of Valmiera city, the lengths of the trips, taking into account also the climatic conditions, as well as the possibilities to ensure the continuous provision of public transport services in Valmiera. Self-charging diesel-electric hybrid buses do not have a limited distance and do not require electricity charging infrastructure.

Valmiera municipality is involved in the CEESEU project and is committed to developing SECAP to reduce GHG emissions in its territory. The use of hybrid buses in the public transport network is an important step in reducing emissions in the city.

Picture from: Valmiera municipality