RE-COGNITION aims to pave the way for large-scale deployment of building-level Renewable Energy Sources and increase their share in the energy mix of EU in a safe and secure way for the grid.

The main ambition of the RE-COGNITION is to develop a future and technology-proof integrated solution aiming to maximise the utilisation of the energy that is locally produced by building-level renewable energy technologies and to reduce implicitly and explicitly induced costs, towards Zero Energy Building’s realisation.

To this end, the project aims to deploy a Renewable Energy Integration Framework able to seamlessly incorporate existing, as well as newly developed Renewable Energy Sources and storage components, along with peripheral electrical and thermal loads (HVAC, chillers, ICT devices, EV chargers, conventional load equipment, etc.).

The project’s idea settles on two axes:

  1. The main focus will be on the development of the non-intrusive and scalable Cross-Functional RES Integration Platform. In its heart, the Automated Cognitive Energy Management Engine (ACEME) along with an intelligent Gateway (iGateway) will be deployed, for optimally harnessing the energy generated from each of the available energy resources, taking into account real-time consumption, operation of storage units, and grid conditions.
  2.  RE-COGNITION will progress beyond the current State of the Art in the field of less mature renewable technologies (Building Integrated Photovoltaic, Vertical-Axis Variable Geometry Wind Turbine) and more established constant-source ones (micro-CHP based on biogas) for the building environment, along with optimally designed system peripherals (i.e. latent-heat thermal storage and hybrid system, driven from solar-thermal power for cooling purposes).

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement n° 815301.