eDREAM – Enabling New Tehnologies for Demand Response Descentralized Validation using Blockchain – H2020 project


eDREAM envisions to revolutionize the way the Demand Response market is currently operated based on traditional centralized processes.

eDREAM aims to the transformation of traditional market approaches and smart grid operations into novel decentralized and community-driven energy systems fully exploring local capacities, constraints, and Virtual Power Plants-oriented optimization in terms of local and secure grid nodes stabilization.

The needs of Aggregators, DSOs and prosumers (residential and C&I)  for real-time secure transactions (peer-to-peer is also included) will be addressed through:

  • Closed-loop DR environment with near real-time DR verification assessment mechanisms.
  • Blockchain-enabled financial transactions based on near real-time distributed ledger ensuring secure data handling.
  • Multi-scale and interactive visualization platform.


  • Optimal Modeling of VPPs Dynamic coalitions
  • DR Potential Pre-assessment through Drone Aerial Surveys
  • Prosumer Clustering and Segmentation Techniques
  • Consumption/Production forecast Multi-level Interactive Visualization for optimal aggregation suport
  • Decision-support System and Multi-Objective Optimization for DR optimal management
  • Energy and Flexibility marketplaces, powered by Self-enforcing Smart Contracts
  • Advanced Prosumer Forecasting Techniques.

Find out more about eDREAM project: www.edream-h2020.eu