The Macedonia Energy Forum 2018
The Macedonia Energy Forum 2018 will be a podium to share and directly communicate the world trends in energy and their influence in Macedonia and the Balkans. The Forum is conceived as a competent gathering of eminent experts, scientists, businessmen, and high officials of the government, who will be able to present their findings, suggestions, visions, and policies on energy stability and energy development strategies. The forum will discuss traditional as well as new energy sources, gasification projects, and maximum utilization of renewable energy sources, as well as reflections on the world trends in energy, which are expected in the coming years.

An important contribution to the discussion will be given through an interactive relationship with the present visitors to the forum, from where will draw questions and dilemmas about the topics listed, and which will be asked for thoughts and answers from the panelists.

The idea of the Forum is to encourage a regular formal dialogue on various topics related to energy, to contribute to clarifying the interests of energy investors in this region and to offer alternative solutions in terms of geostrategic energy positions.

The Macedonian Energy Forum will be held for the first time this year as part of the strategy of the Republic of Macedonia to organize international events and conferences which is an essential part of the process of Europeanization of the society.

This is a year of new challenges, challenges that will not bypass the energy sector. We hope that the Macedonian Energy Forum will grow into a tradition that will contribute to the establishment of energy stability in this region and will encourage a wave of new investments.