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The Baltic Sea Conference “Energy Efficient Cities” How to set the ball rolling? will be held 17th & 18th of October 2018, in Gdynia (Poland). The conference is arranged in the framework of two Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects “ACT NOW!” and “LowTEMP” which are focusing on new concepts and solutions to enhance energy efficiency at local and regional level.

“ACT NOW!” will show how local “Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs)” can be turned into concrete measures reducing energy consumption in buildings. For this sake the project aims at the increase of capacities municipality staff and local stakeholders who are dealing with energy issues. The approach is not only focusing on learning. It also aims at analyzing workflows and administrative structures to get rid of obstacles which hamper an effective energy management and the planning of energy efficiency measures. In addition tools like a software-based energy management system will be implemented to identify the “low hanging fruits” and prepare investments outside the project budget. Staff members will be trained in energy management, investment planning and communication with private investors and facility users.

“ACT NOW!” has been selected as a flagship project in the EU-BSR strategy. It is expected, that the project will deliver a significant added value to enhance the Energy Efficiency of local public authorities.

“LowTEMP” addresses municipal representatives responsible for urban and energy issues, heat suppliers, planners, engineers and energy agencies, and provides them with knowledge on technical, organizational and financial strategies to increase energy efficiency in district heating by implementation of low temperature district heating systems. District heating systems are widespread around the Baltic Sea but are often outdated. Future-oriented energy supply includes low temperature district heating systems that lose less heat and use renewable energy and waste as heat sources.

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