At the end of June, the specialists in charge of energy management at the Vidzeme planning region municipality went to the experience exchange trip to Kurzeme to get acquainted with the experience of Liepaja Municipality in implementing the energy management system ISO 50001. Focus was on the development of the energy management plan and the implementation process, as well as other issues related to energy efficiency. The approach of Liepāja City Municipality in renovation of multi-apartment buildings, accounting of energy consumption, provision of microclimate of premises and motivation of employees was explained.

The participants of the trip came to Jelgava to meet with Inga Kreicmanis, Director of Zemgale Regional Energy Agency, who introduced the association’s efforts to increase energy efficiency in the region by implementing not only various projects financed by the European Union, but also maintaining the energy database. As well sd developing planning documents for local governments, promoting cooperation, attracting investments and carrying out other similar activities. At the same time, Marek Muiste from the Tartu Regional Energy Agency in Estonia gave a lecture on Energy Sector Leadership, stating how important it is to actively participate and find the right people who are interested in implementing modern energy solutions.

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