At the end of April in Smiltene 18 Vidzeme municipalities met in a special training “Energy Management in Vidzeme”, in order to share the knowledge of the operation and management of the energy industry. During the training special attention was paid to data collection and development of databases. Also, participants presented cases of successful usage of analysis methods and how they apply energy-efficient solutions for municipalities.

It is planned that the set of activities within the framework of “Energy Management in Vidzeme” will strengthen the local government specialist competence in the energy management issues. Also it should deepen the knowledge of energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy technologies, as well as facilitate cooperation among local governments. Set of activities includes not only training on various energy management topics, but also the discussions and experience-sharing visits both in Latvia and abroad.

Training activities created for the project partners, energy agencies, heat production enterprises, various associations in Latvia responsible for the realization of energy efficiency projects and national institutions. The project involved 18 of Vidzeme municipalities (Alūksne county, Amata novads, Apes novads, Beverīna county, Burtnieki county, Cesvaine novads, Cēsu novads, Gulbene county, Jaunpiebalgas novads, Kocēni county, Lubānas novads, Pārgaujas county, Rauna county, Rūjiena county, Smiltene county, Strenči county, Valka county, Valmiera), and Vidzeme hospital, but the range of participants is also open to other interested parties. It is planned that training, discussions and experience exchange trips will be held once a month, a year and a half in length.

The training is organised in the project “PANEL of 2050”. The aim of the project is to create a local-level sustainable cooperation network. This can help to jointly develop local strategies and action plans for the transition to a low-carbon society by 2050 year.

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