After the summer break, “Energy planning” was the key topic in September’s training about the energy management in Vidzeme region. On September 29, representatives of the Vidzeme Planning Region municipalities and Vidzeme Hospital met in Raun to exchange their knowledge of cooperation with stakeholders in the energy planning process, the development of the energy plan itself and the drafting of project applications for European programs. It was already the fourth meeting of the “Energy Management in Vidzeme” series, which took place within the project “PANEL2050”.

This time, guest speakers from the Johann Skytte Institute of Political Studies, University of Tartu, Giorgi Davidovi and Hector C. Pagan came to take part in the training. G. Davidovi spoke about stakeholder involvement and analysis of those parties that might potentially be interested in the energy planning process and what the contribution of each party would be. Hector C. Pagan discovered a number of valuable ideas for writing project applications for European programs, ranging from project ideas, results, definitions of deliverables to budget preparation, work packages and the development of a project application form itself. VPR Energy Efficiency Expert RTU Docent Dz. Jaunzems provided valuable tips on writing an energy plan and revealed several examples of how to better illustrate data, how to calculate, and where energy planning information is still available.

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