Main outputs are finished and publicly presented stakeholders’ Action plans, the need of long term vision in energy planning and EU and Vidzeme region, some practical examples of how to communicate about the green thinking, low carbon society and energy consciousness of the municipality to the locals and incomers as well as meaningful experience exchange by visits in various objects in Estonia, meeting with representatives of Tartu Energy Agency. Main conclusion after this event and all the others above is following – stakeholders are cautious towards new initiatives that are tended to change their behaviour and it takes time, effort and valuable deliverables to gain their trust and engagement, but once its done, it gets easier and easier to engage them and get the good results. It is crucial to let the stakeholders come together, communicate and develop local networks. In this way a multiplying effect takes part as well as some problems are enlightened that the stakeholders were unaware of, but other stakeholders had stotted and tackled. It is important to engage the stakeholders through practical and real-life tasks and examples preferably with touchable results, because it helps them to engage them better and they see the point of the change and new approaches and tools. The event is linked to the WP3 –development of Action plan and road-mapping process, WP5 – CEESEN network.

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