The forth Bulgarian Regional Training under PANEL 2050 project was held in the municipality of Pleven. Participants were representatives of municipalities from Pleven province as well as local business organizations and NGOs.

Firstly the participants learned about the health risks of air pollution and what are the ways to reduce them. Afterwards they went through the whole process of stakeholder engagement. The second part of the training was focused on the Energy Visioning, Roadmapping and Action planning process. Lastly they learned about successful alternative practices for municipal fundraising and project financing.

Agenda of the training:

  1. Legal package “Clean Energy for all Europeans” As a part of long-term Energy Development of the EU and transition to low carbon Economy
  2. Involving and motivating all stakeholders. Communications and working with local people
  3. Preparing аn Energy Profile. Vision, Roadmap, Action Plan
  4. Alternative successful practices for fundraising and financing of Climate and Energy projects


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