The third Bulgarian Regional Training under PANEL 2050 project took place in Gorna Malina near Sofia. It was mainly focused on the energy planning for municipalities, energy efficiency and on instruments for financing such actions.

In the first part of the training the participants learned in details about instruments for sustainable energy development. They were also taken through the process of developing an Energy Vision and Roadmap as such instruments. The second part contained practical examples for the successful preparation of project documentation as well as opportunities for European and national financing of projects for municipalities in the energy sector.

Agenda of the training:

  1. Energy Efficiency Directive, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Legal package “Clean Energy for all Europeans”: achieved results and expected impact, PANEL 2050 project
  2. Developing Regional Energy Profiles, Roadmap, Visions and Action Plans
  3. Local Investments for Energy Efficiency – Opportunities and Good Practices
  4. Successful practices and approaches to project preparation
  5. Fundraising from alternative sources as a tool for diversifying funds from public donors


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