A seminar on “Solar thermal systems – technology for sustainable energy development” was held yesterday (July 4th) in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was organized by the Institute for Zero Energy Buildings (IZEB) and the team of the “Green Sofia” project from Sofia Municipality.
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The beginning of the seminar was given by Ms. Teodora Polimerova, Director of “Climate, Energy and Air” Directorate of Sofia Municipality. Dr. Heiko Huther from AGFW (Germany’s Heat Supply Association, representing over 500 heat generators, suppliers and operators in Germany) and Jakob Binder from AEE INTEC (Austrian Expert Organization for Renewable Energy and sustainable development managing projects for solar district heating) shared the German and Austrian experience in the field of solar heating. The experts presented in detail the economic, social and environmental aspects of technology as part of the SDH2PM international project under Horizon 2020,
Arch. Dimitar Paskalev from IZEB presented a study for the application of solar heating in Kaisieva Gradina, Varna, as well as their work with the Varna district heating company.

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IZEB is also a participant in the Horizon 2020 project, which task is to promote and transfer technology in the so-called “Solar heating”. The technology provides central heat supply through solar thermal energy. The topic is not popular in Bulgaria, but it is gaining popularity and the commercial realizations in Western Europe are becoming more and more common. Solar power plants have a strategic potential for the energy transition to zero carbon footprint and entirely renewable energy.
At present, the Institute for Zero Energy Buildings (IZEB) examines the foreign experience in the field and prepares the implementation of this technology in Bulgaria.

The seminar focused on key experts and specialists in the field of thermal energy, ecology and urbanism and sought opportunities for implementing solar technologies for sustainable energy development.

The event ended with a working discussion, the biggest conclusion of which was that the current financial instruments should be used to develop a pilot project for solar heating in Sofia. Sofia Municipality showed strong interest and believes that this technology can play an active role in solving the problems of air pollution from which the biggest city in Bulgaria suffers every winter.