On the 15 September 2017 first Polish training was organized by the Mazovian Energy Agency. It was focused on the possibilities of financing activities related to the improvement of air quality in the Mazowsze region “Transition to low-emission energy – it is possible together”.

The Mazovian Energy Agency as part of the PANEL2050 project, organizes for all entities interested in implementing the low-emission economy in Mazovia. The training took place in the Siedlce sub-region selected as a pilot area for the implementation of the PANEL2050 project. IEA specialists will prepare local stakeholders (representatives of local authorities, entrepreneurs, volunteers and social workers from non-governmental organizations, farmers, etc.) to implement a low-carbon economy, then to jointly design the path to energy transformation in Siedlce sub-region. The aim of the training is substantive help in the implementation of European policy for local level. The local community should understand that energy transformation is not just a slogan. Municipalities, with the participation of the local community, are supposed to develop specific action plans to move to a low-carbon economy.

Program of a training:

  1. Save the energy – protect the climate – Agnieszka Kobylińska – 90 min.
  2. Possibilities of financing activities connected with improving air quality in Mazovia – Marek Pszonka – 90 min.
  3. Energy planning in the commune including dispersed energy sources – Arkadiusz Piotrowski – 40 min.
  4. Low-carbon economy due to energy management in the commune – Arkadiusz Piotrowski – 50 min.
  5. Strategic energy partnerships – energy cooperatives – Arkadiusz Piotrowski – 30 min.

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