BDS organized the fifth training on the topic “Process of development of Regional Energy Map 2050 and Policy Analysis” on 13th of June, 2018 in the Meeting Room of the Council, Kumanovo (Center of NorthEast Planning region). The number of Participants was 31 (Ministry of Local Self-Government, Mayors and members of municipal councils from 6 municipalities in the NEPR, Representatives of the municipalities from the NEPR responsible for issues related to development and energy efficiency; Employees from the Center for development of the NEPR; Representatives of the business sector and NGO).


Andreas Karner, CONPLUSULTRA, Austria
Hector C Pagan, University of Tartu, Estonia,
Victoria Biliaieva, University of Tartu, Estonia

The introduction on Development of Regional Energy Map 2050 (ЕУ Energy Roadmapping 2050) were introduced to the participants of the training, as well as the Energy vision 2050 of the NorthEast Planning Region – Review of the Proposal Vision, then Panel Discussion took place.
The session of Policy Analysis followed and the trainees had active participation on practical exercises and discussions.

Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Dejan Pavleski participated in the panel – Energy Vision for the Northeast planning region, within the framework of the project “Partnership for new energy leadership 2050”.
In the presence of the Mayors from the Northeast planning region, the new Energy Map of the Northeast region was discussed in accordance with the European Union standards for energy transition, in the gradual replacement of fossils with renewable energy sources.

We, as a consortium of the PANEL 2050 project and founders of CEESEN / Sustainable Energy Network in Central and Eastern Europe, believe that the key to sustainable living is in the hands of members of our local communities.
Our motto is: Become part of the low carbon community in Central and Eastern Europe!

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