Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Mr. Pavleski in Kumanovo: Coordination in planning of all levels in government , with the involvement of all stakeholders

Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Dejan Pavleski participated today in the panel organized by the Center for Development of the Northeast Planning Region – Energy Vision for the Northeast planning region, within the framework of the project “Partnership for new energy leadership 2050”.

In the presence of the Mayors from the Northeast planning region, the new Energy Map of the Northeast region was discussed in accordance with the European Union standards for energy transition, in the gradual replacement of fossils with renewable energy sources.

Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Mr.Pavleski emphasized that the Government’s Program emphasizes the determination to restore the lost energy security and stability of the Republic of Macedonia, reduce the costs of energy and energy poverty, and the politics of the sun to become a source of energy in the households. In this direction is subsidizing the construction of photovoltaic power plants in the households and encouraging development in the domestic economy by opening factories for the production of photovoltaic panels and modules.

– Current energy policies within the European Union require full adaptation at all levels, especially at the local level, which delivers a large number of services and has specific competencies, by providing conditions for fostering local development. Taking into account this fact, the Ministry of Local Self Government in the Program for Sustainable Local Development and Decentralization by 2020 places emphasis on sustainable local development and growth, which implies sustainable utilization of local resources for economic purposes and development of energy and transport infrastructure, without disturbing the quality of the environment and nature. Basically, it aims to achieve as much as possible a degree of synergy between environmental protection policies and socio-economic development, both horizontally and vertically, Pavleski said.