In the course of the PANEL2050 project 10 Central and Eastern European regions each developed a Regional Energy Profile, giving an overview of regional energy statistics as well as the status quo of regional energy policies and planning in the region.

The data gathered in these 10 individual Regional Energy Profiles was summarized in the present Report Energy Efficiency Situation of Central and Eastern European Regions.

The report provides a summary of key energy figures for 10 CEE regions. The presented regions can be categorized according their population size and final energy consumption.


Summary Regional Energy Profiles
Summary Regional Energy Profiles

Moreover, the individual Energy Profiles included a SWOT-analysis for the development of the region towards a low-carbon economy by 2050 with special focus on the energy sector.

These analyses were as summarized in the present report giving an overview of the common opportunities in the energy sector of CEE as well as typical challenges and threats encountered by these regions. To provide CEESEN members with more detailed information the network’s team will publish a weekly CEE Energy update based on the report.

This first assessment of the CEE regions constitutes the groundwork for the preparation of Regional Energy Roadmaps and related Action Plans towards low-carbon economies by 2050.

The report can be downloaded here.