As the CEESEN project is heading for its last year of H2020 funding, partners are now entering the process of regional strategies for energy transition. Based on previous in-depth analyses and in cooperation with local stakeholders the consortium will now introduce its regional visions as the first phase to roadmapping.

„Regional visions will be related to the future Action Plans which will be defined within each Roadmap. We are aware that this process is very specific and different to every region, however we have developed a joint methodology with basic recommendations to guide all partners“, said Jan Jareš, representative of Czech partner AgEnDa.


Local Roadmaps and Action Plans




The Roadmap itself will be divided into particular strategical challenges which have potential to drive the region towards the set vision. Each challenge will be defined, including important milestones within the current and future development stages. It will include a description of a business-as-usual scenario compared to the visionary scenario. Furthermore, each challenge will be broken down into priority topics on which concrete measures will be developed in form of Action Plans.

„We see the future Action Plans as the main implementation tool that can address particular challenges and conditions on the regional level,“ added Jan Jareš.