Between 18 and 20 of April, several different political and expert events took place in Sofia. There was also an informal meeting of EU energy ministers. At all meetings, the main focus were the progress made in the negotiations on the legislative proposals of the “Clean Energy for All European Package” on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources directives, the Regulation on Energy Union and the Regulation on the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators.

The most interesting conclusions based on the highlights and questions of all the meetings and discussions were the position of Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe member states for the energy and climate targets for 2030 and when will we start the discussion on new opportunities in the energy sector in Bulgaria, so that Bulgaria becomes a competitive country in the energy sector covering all requirements and enabling real energy transformation.

The intensive week on energy issues ended with the biggest event organized by the Bulgarian Photovoltaic Association focusing on the topic of market integration and competitiveness of RES, pointing out how this will accelerate the transition to clean energy in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe, realizing energy innovations and leading to real economic growth, including in the depopulated regions of this part of Europe.