The EU statistical agency EUROSTAT published data from 2016 on the share of renewable sources in energy mixes among the European Union countries.
Eurostat states that the share of renewable energy in electricity, heat and transport in 2016 was 17% (16.7% in 2015). It is worth recalling that the EU 2020 target is 20%
In 2016, Sweden (53.8%), Finland (38.7%), Latvia (37.2%), Austria (33.5%) and Denmark (32) had the largest share in domestic energy mixes. , 2%).
However, the lowest RES share in Eurostat is recorded in Luxembourg (5.4%), Malta and the Netherlands (6% each).
Eurostat indicates that among 28 countries of the European Union in 2016, 11 national states have fulfilled their national RES goals for 2020.
In the case of Poland, this share decreased in relation to the results recorded in previous years. Eurostat indicates that in 2016 the share of RES in the energy consumption mix in our country fell to 11.3% (in 2015 – 11.7%).