At the end of April, in Smiltene, 18 local governments of Vidzeme commenced their participation in the set of activities “Energy Management in Vidzeme” to improve their knowledge on the operation and management of energy handling facilities. During the first training session, great attention was paid to data collection and creating a database, acquainting training participants with data collection, processing and analysis methods and opportunities to use them for introduction of energy efficient solutions in local governments.

It is planned, that the set of activities “Energy Management in Vidzeme” will strengthen competence of specialists of local governments on energy management issues, will deepen knowledge on energy efficiency raising solutions and technologies of renewable energy sources, as well as will promote cooperation among local governments for more successful organization of processes of energy handling facilities. The set of activities involves not only training on various energy management topics, but also discussions and experience exchange visits in Latvia and abroad. Great significance during training sessions is given also to end consumers – sometimes their education on energy efficient exploitation of a building is decisive in achieving the result. Jointly implemented training will also allow energy stakeholders and specialists of local governments to become aware of the previously rarely used resource – knowledge and experience of colleagues in neighbouring regions.

The 18-month training is organized with a purpose to create common understanding on the operation and management of energy handling facilities, making the administration process easier and more efficient.

Project cooperation partners and representatives of energetics agencies, heat generation companies, various associations, energy efficiency projects implemented in Latvia, and public institutions will be attracted for implementation of training activities. Therefore a knowledge transfer will be provided between the recognized stakeholders in the energy field.

At the same time, the work on development of energy action plans of local governments and commencement of their introduction will be implemented during the project. It is planned, that local governments will develop these plans themselves, after receiving relevant training and guidelines.

Currently, 18 local governments of Vidzeme and Vidzeme regional hospital have engaged in the project, but the circle of participants is open also to other interested parties. Already now interest about activities to be implemented within the project is showed also by other potential cooperation partners, whose daily work is related to energy management issues.

The training is organized within the framework of “PANEL 2050” project. The objective of this project is to create a representative and stable local sustainable cooperation and communication network through which local significance interested organizations could jointly develop local energetics visions, strategies and action plans for transition to low-carbon society by 2050.

The project PANEL2050 is implemented within the framework of the European Union programme “HORIZON 2020”.

Additional information: Aija Rūse, Manager of “PANEL 2050” project, Vidzeme planning region,; mob. phone 26400288