The story of EnergiaTa program began last year in EFdeN project, starting from EFdeN solar house prototype designed and built by students which participated in the international competition Solar Decathlon Europe, in Versailles. In order to built our solar house, we learnt about energy efficiency, sustainability, legislation, interior comfort, the impact of the materials used on our health and the environment. In all this process, we realized that 80% of the time we spent in buildings which are far away from what it should be namely sustainable, safe, confortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

With other words, we gathered knowledge from many fields and we discovered some difficulties many Romanian people encounter trying to exercise the right of producing their own green energy. These challenges, EnergiaTa team, transformed in objectives which want to implement as soon as possible talking to different entities who have the possibility to support the proposed changes.

The EnergiaTa team militate for legislative changes which have the purpose of improving the administrative procedure, namely reducing the high number of necessary approvals for obtaining the autorization of equipping with photovoltaic panels for rezidential sector and the large amount of waiting time which is more than 450 days. Also we militate for creating a favorable legislative framework in order to have the possibility of introducing the whole produced energy or the excess of it from the small producers of energy from renewables in the national power grid and of course obtaining a support scheme for the introduced energy.


One success of EnergiaTa team was reached last year by introducing in the Energy National Strategy the concept of prosumer, namely that every Romanian can produce, consume his own energy and introduce if it’s the case, the excess of energy in the national power grid. We believe this success has a great importance for the Romanian energy future because certifies the right of Romanian people to become small producers of energy from renewables.

For being introduced a large quantity of energy which can influence the shape of load curve, it is necessary that transport and distribution operators modernize and develop electric grids as intelligent grids, able to interact in real time with prosumers. Moreover, it’s a must of having grid management systems to give a quick answer to price changes, local differencies of the price and also the visibility in real time of prosumers’ reactions.

An important obstacle for everyone who wants to equip their house with photovoltaic panels represents the legislation, but EnergiaTa team propose to bring significant changes which will place Romania in the top of the countries which use green energy and develop communities of prosumers!