Why should I join CEESEN?

CEESEN (the Central and Eastern Europe Sustainable Energy Network) is a broad network of organizations and individuals from government, research, NGOs and business with deep knowledge and experience in the following topics:
  • Energy policy
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Funding
The online platform of the network is the place where all members can meet future partners, look for funding opportunities, participate and create trainings in the field of their interest. Membership in the network is free of charge. Register here.

What is PANEL 2050?

PANEL 2050 is a European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme funded project for a low-carbon community in Europe by 2050 lead by partners in 11 European Countries. The main goal of the project is to support CEE communities in the transformation to low-carbon economy with the support of local stakeholders. The Central and Eastern Europe Sustainable Energy Network (CEESEN) was created under this project to unite different energy actors to face the challenges of sustainable development in CEE and post-soviet countries.
Our Motto: Join the low-carbon community in Central and Eastern Europe!
Roadmaps for 2050
Roadmaps are the practical pathways to be developed by each region or community part of the CEESEN network in order to achieve the goals set out in the European Union Energy Strategy by 2050. These will be accompanied by the more strategic “Energy Visions” and the detailed step-by-step guide to implementation – “The Action Plans”. The role of CEESEN in this process is to facilitate the widest involvement of stakeholders, thus creating a culture of ownership in the community for its energy future. To know more, register at https://ceesen.org and access all trainings, projects and documents.
Work with stakeholders in PANEL 2050
PANEL 2050 has developed a dedicated process for engaging stakeholders into the long-term energy planning process. The methodology behind the process is involving the elements of the communication, identity management and promotion. With the help of the expert team of the project, the project partners have developed the capacity for successful engagement: how to create and maintain successful business relationships, design the proper messages, create inspiring work environment for the mutual meetings etc. To become part of the CEESEN network and the stakeholder engagement process, register for the CEE Energy Transition 2017 Conference or contact a project partner in your country.
Supporting Forerunners
PANEL 2050 supports local stakeholders to become leaders in the energy transition process in their community or in other words – become “forerunners”. People and organizations with a high interest in sustainable energy and transport topics are provided with guidebooks and trainings, while the CEESEN network offers them a place to connect with others. Look for more information at: https://ceesen.org
Starting in October 2017 PANEL 2050 provides a series of training programmes on local level to increase the capacity of forerunners. The programme is focused on advocacy for sustainable energy and includes four major elements: advocacy and policy-making, renewable energy, energy management and social innovations. Register at https://ceesen.org and find trainings in your country (CEESEN platform is in 12 languages).

Our achievements