A Virtual Power Plant was launched in the Wawer district, City of Warsaw. The project as part of the Energy Cluster is managed by Mazovia Energy Agency. It is a system that collect information from photovoltaic panels in the Wawer district, presenting figures and savings thanks to ecological solutions. The Virtual Power Plant uses intelligent measurement methods that safely and fully automatically measure the consumption and production of its own energy. Additionally, it is possible to create the Smart Home sollution, that allows to manage energy, including the operation of energy devices, which absolutely increases home security.

The advantages of this system include constant monitoring of electricity consumption and production in a graphic form. VPP informs about energy consumption from the sun for own needs and allows to manage it even by using a mobile phone. It also informs about the reduction of CO2 emissions and savings in electricity bills.

Virtual power plant supports buildings equipped with renewable sources, reflecting on more cost-effective and thoughtful methods. Thanks to this, users can be sure that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is at the lowest possible level. At the same time, electricity remains cheap. A virtual power plant collects a lot of information on the generation and consumption of electricity which is necessary to plan future electricity demand.