As PANEL 2050 is approaching its end by the end of February Czech partner AgEnDa joined forces with one of the main Roadmapping partner Czech Biogas Association and arranged last stakeholder meeting in Prague on Monday 18th.

The main objective of this event was to present and discuss elaborated Action Plans related to the topic of biogas and biomethane utilization. Followed up by series of presentations including representatives of Ministry of Trade (topic of National Energy and Climate Plan of the Czech Republic), Association of District Heating and Ministry of Environment (topic of emission limits). Major attention was payed to the pilot project of biomethane utilization in Brno by mr. Novotný (RENARDS).

Technology center of the Czech Republic presented actual funding opportunities within H2020 and the day was wrapped up by Mr. Štambaský, president of the European Biogas Association who introduced the actual status of biogas production and utilization in Europe.

Event was attended by more than 60 stakeholders and was held at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague.