Vidzeme Planning Region

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Vidzemes plānošanas reģions

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Vidzeme Planning Region

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Energy, Transport, Society, Environment, Economy


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Jāņa Poruka 8-108, Cēsis, LV – 4101



+371 64116014

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Aija Rūse

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+371 26400288

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Vidzeme planning region (VPR) is one of five NUTS3 regions in Latvia comprising 26 local municipalities in the Northern part of Latvia. VPR ensures regional strategic and spatial planning and coordination, cooperation between municipalities and governmental institutions. VPR competence is proved by its extensive experience in implementation of European Union projects in strategic and spatial planning, entrepreneurship and vocational training, culture and tourism, landscape protection and management, environment and energy, information technology development in the region.
Sustainable energy planning has been defined as one of the goals in the regional Long Term Development Strategy 2030 and Mid-term Development Programme 2014-2020.
Consequently VPR is willing to give necessary support to local municipalities, NGO`s, SME`s improve their knowledge of planning and coordination in energy management field in order to fulfil this priority. Besides others there are projects on improvement of different aspects in energy planning and management in the region. Wood Energy project (2010- 2012) promotes wood as an energy source and improves knowledge about wood energy, eco-friendly techniques and clean technology. Main aim of Programme Intelligent Energy Europa, Project BUILD UP Skills Initiative in the Commission’s new Strategy for the Sustainable Competitiveness of the Construction Sector and its Enterprises (2011–2013) project was to define National 2020 targets on energy savings and renewable energy contributions by the building sector in Latvia. Whereas in Build up Skills Latvia – Pillar II (2013 –2016) project training programmes for building industry workers had been developed to increase their competence level in order to be able to perform energy efficient building works.
Implementation of PANEL 2050 helps to share knowledges and also involves local stakeholders into careful planning process and implementation of sustainable energy future in our region. Insufficient capacity and lack of cooperation between municipalities results in poor quality of energy planning. Currently more than 10 municipalities in our region have demonstrated interest to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to improve their energy policies.  By PANEL 2050 we will educate local stakeholders to do energy planning through deep involvement of development process .

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